Friday, August 1, 2014

The Serenity Swing- San Luis Obispo, CA.

This Spring, Sim and I got to visit some old friends that live on the central coast. On one morning, we all woke up early and went for a little hike to a hilltop called the Serenity Swing. 

(It really looks like this!)

Its located right on the California Polytechnic State University campus. The hike starts off as more of a nice walk down a long, dirt road that runs along a creek in between the hills. 

The road ends at the Architecture Graveyard, which is a wonderful place to visit in itself. Throughout the years, architecture students have built some pretty remarkable structures here as senior projects. Its quite a place to explore. There is a little house shaped after a conch shell, a metal ship built out of a hillside, an enormous jungle gym, and a whole bunch of other creations (like the one below!).

If you walk past the Graveyard, you will find another dirt path that leads further out into the rangeland. Sometimes, Cal Poly lets their horses out to roam and graze here. I've found it doesn't hurt to have an apple in your pack to share with one of them.

Most of the hike is easy over the gentle hills. But the end does get very steep! Honestly, it helps to have an excited puppy to pull you up.

The trail ends at the summit of this hill. And from it you can see some of the beauty of California's central coast! Especially in the spring while everything is green. And from the name of the spot, you've probably guessed that there are two sturdy, old swings hanging from the tree.